May and June 2018

Hello lovelies

Hope you’ve been having a good summer – I am very late in writing this (apologies to those who subscribe, no one else will notice!) just because when I haven’t been working, I’ve been trying to spend as much time in my garden as possible. As an SAD sufferer, I need to make the most of the sunlight as fellow SAD’ers will know.

TV wise, I’ve been on Good Morning Britain (lovely new studios in White City, but that bit further away from me, so an even earlier start) and Sky News. And a lot of working behind the scenes as a Duty of Care/Assessment psychologist on some really great new shows, but as ever, confidentiality agreements mean I can’t say much about those yet.

I’ve written for Harper’s Bazaar on the psychology of why we adore royal weddings so much – and The Sun on Meghan Markle’s family and the effect on her, a topic that shows NO sign of going away any time soon;  Reveal on the body language of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik; Closer on Katie Price (yay, no month would be complete without that) and Khloe Kardashian for New! magazine.

And of course a lot of work on Love Island. Which is off the Richter Scale in terms of reality TV. And much as I enjoyed it, my heart will always be with Big Brother. For me, Love Island lacks diversity, but it’s a huge success and didn’t stop me writing/broadcasting about it endlessly.

I’ve written a lot for the papers the last few weeks. Daily Mail on loneliness; Daily Telegraph on why women enjoy crime novels so much and The Guardian  on the ridiculous, feminist parody that Germaine Greer has become. That particular feature was a result of posting a critical tweetabout her ramblings, which then tends to get picked up by the media. My mistake there was ranting on holiday, with only an iPad to research on, which made it especially difficult. So, although my next holiday seems a long way away, I’ve invested in a Mac Notebook, so I don’t have to feel that compromised again ;-).

But of everything I do, I am hugely grateful to the radio stations that call me very week (sometimes doing six or seven interviews each week) as I love being on the radio – and yes, may well have a face for it…

So thank you to LBCTalk RadioLove Sport RadioBBC Radio LondonRadio 5 Live and all those local BBC stations that call me with increasing frequency to ask for my ramblings on just about any topic that I can’t anticipate and often have no time to prep for – I’ll always help out when I can and you make my week.

Keep in touch on Twitter @TVPsychologist and until the next time

Much love