March and April 2018

Hi lovelies

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. Long may it last!

I’ve had a busy couple of months and was also lucky enough to manage a few days (OK a bit more than that) in my beloved Fethiye, in SW Turkey.

Writing wise, I have written for most of the nationals these past couple of months. A lot of work seems to be generated by my morning tweets, which are becoming a digest of ideas for people to invite me onto radio, TV and print to comment further. I now seem to be thinking in soundbites – when I am supposed to be writing another book. But on what?? If you have any ideas, please send them on!

I’ve written for the Daily Mail on how having a messy house can adversely affect your love life; whether contraceptive implants should be given to 12 year old girls routinely (er, no) and how over-parenting your child can be as damaging as not paying enough attention to their needs. Features for Fabulous magazine on what happens when you start hating your partner; an open letter to Sam Faiers on why sleeping apart from your partner is not a good idea and  how having a third child is likely to affect Kate and Will’s family dynamic. I also wrote about the problems of a long distance relationship, vis a vis Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan for the Daily Star. I wrote a long piece on body language (hurrah, love that) on the Stormy Daniels defense of her situation with Trump for the London Standard and an article on why younger people have more anxieties about their future than their parents. Writing about tourist stereotypes for the Daily Telegraph and whether we should talk about exes on a first date for The Independent completes a busy few weeks on the national papers.

Magazine wise, I am still writing regularly for New! and Reveal and in the past few weeks I have written about everything from men undermining women to Liam Payne’s relationship with Cheryl – these are not connected 😉 Also something for Glamour on why we change our appearance after a break up. And Saga magazine on when you know whether you’re ready to date again.

I’m still doing my regular psych assessment work for reality TV – there are some great shows coming your way – and my psych consultancy for Good Morning Britain.

I seem to be doing more radio than ever – which I love – maybe four or five interviews a week at the moment. As well as Talk Radio, You and Yours and Radio Five Live I am now a weekly contributor to Kevin O’Sullivan’s TalkSport Radio show. For those of you who know me/follow my Twitter ramblings, you’ll also know that I have pretty much zero interest in sport, apart from the major events, so I am pleased to say that my contribution is psychological insight into newsy topics and nothing sport related! Though I have also just filmed a contribution for a new Channel 4 documentary called Fanatical. Starring Dapper Laughs (not nearly such a **** as you might think, in fact a pretty decent guy) it’s about whether you’re less of a man if you don’t like football. Obviously not, in my view…

And finally, I am thrilled to be launching a new and unique style retreat in my beloved Fethiye at the end of October. It’s a Yoga and Relationship Retreat, with me doing the relationship coaching and my agent Liz (who is also a fully qualified yoga teacher) doing the yoga bit. So singles and couples, if you fancy a few gorgeous days away with some coaching and some yoga in the most beautiful spot in the world check out our new website. Replenish Retreats. Prices are really competitive – with an even better early bird offer if you book before 30 June.

See y’all next month.

Much love