March and April

Hello lovelies

The end of April finds me packing for a holiday to my beloved Fethiye in SW Turkey for a week or so. Troubled times in that part of the world, but I have many friends out there and it’s a very beautiful and peaceful place. I hope it stays that way.

So, I’ll keep this newsletter short and sweet – as I have to up at crazy o’clock tomorrow. In fact I was asked to go on Good Morning Britain tomorrow, so would have been an early one anyway;-)

I’ve had a varied couple of months, with a fair bit of TV, including Sky News discussing why online daters don’t always choose an ideal partner, Good Morning Britain chatting about fussy eaters, of all ages and C5 News about a survey that revealed that children think their parents are the ones who disrupt family life by using their mobile phones too much!

Radio wise, I’ve chatted to a lot of local BBC radio stations about all sorts of topics, usually with a moment’s notice (!) as well as Talk Radio about grief counselling and ‘being nice’, BBC Radio London about the ‘bystander effect’ and LBC about emotional intelligence and how we’re not always as kind as we might think we are,

I’ve written for various publications over the past few weeks including Marie Claire, iPaper, Glamour, Daily Mail as well as a couple of contributions to The Times. And of course my regular celebrity musings for New magazine, including – of course, as ever – a piece on Katie Price…

I’ve also been involved in a number of really interesting PR campaigns recently. With companies wanting ever more sophisticated and challenging studies conducted, in their quest for press coverage, it means I get to play around with all sorts of technical equipment and psychometric tests, all in the name of psychology and it takes me back to my lab days, which is fun! Though being a creative kind of person (and useless with numbers) the analysis/stats bit if it all, not quite as much fun as the experimental part…

Anyway, I promised short and sweet, so i’ll sign off now and see you guys in June. When we’ll have had (yet) another General Election!

Much love