September and October 2018


Am writing this ridiculously late, simply due to work pressure, so it seems quite a while ago that we were basking in that Indian Summer!

I’m going to keep this brief, because although it’s nearly Christmas (yes that late, as my subscribers will know!) what is traditionally a quiet month, seems to have become anything but. And I promise not to mention Brexit once.

So, as usual I was on Good Morning Britain and Sky News as well as BBC News but it’s radio where life seems to have really taken off. Currently averaging around 5 radio interviews a week, ranging from BBC Radio Five Live and BBC Radio London, I now seem to be on speed dial on BBC Radio Scotland and Wales as well as Talk Radio and Love Sport Radio. With little inside knowledge of what they want to talk about – and sometimes with a only a few minutes before I go on air, it certainly sharpens the mind.

And with reality TV season at its peak, I wrote and broadcast a lot about shows from the ‘Strictly Curse’ to the psychological ramifications of Roxanne Pallett’s lies on Big Brother for The Victoria Derbyshire Show.

Writing work included contributing to features for The Sun on Victoria Beckham’s marriage problems (all seems to have gone very quiet now); Sean(n) Walsh’s cheating and why women are attracted to their bodyguards; The Guardian on the cost of dating; The Daily Mail on ‘the perfectionist trap’ that women seem to fall so easily into; The Daily Mirror on how to spot a liar, the Beckhams (again); The Independent on top tips for your dating profile; The Daily Telegraph on working with your spouse in business and The Daily Express on what makes Boris Johnson so attractive to women – though not my cup of tea, I must admit…

Magazine wise, I wrote a few features for New! magazine this month, as well as Closer, the Huff PostGrazia and Star on a variety of topics from Kirstie Allsop smashing up her kids iPads. to Cheryl (whatever she may be called now); Lauren Goodger and of course, as readers of this blog will know, it’s never complete without writing something about Katie Price and she has a lot going on in her life right now.

Finally, I was very pleased to be involved, once again in Macmillan Cancer’s Go Sober for October again. I joined in this year – and like so many it’s fine and virtuous for a week or so, and then you find yourself seriously looking forward to a glass of wine. Weak-willed, I caved on on week three. Must try harder next year!

Have a lovely Christmas and I’ll post my next newsletter, before the New Year.