November and December 2017


I find myself writing this mid way through Jan, partly because it all gets a bit quiet in the media and counselling during the last couple of moths of the year, and partly because January is just the opposite!

So, I’ll keep this post brief and make up for it with a bumper newsletter next month…

TV wise, there were a couple of appearances including Good Morning BritainSky News and C5 News – but there was a lot going on radio wise. I seem to have become a bit of a regular on Talk Radio – chatting everything from women who fear police reaction to reporting sexual harassment and mood food to Christmas feuds and seasonal changes in sex. I was also on BBC Radio London a number of times, discussing influential people, choosing to live alone, should children go to nursery and whether some murderers are actually born evil.

Writing wise, there was a lot going on reporting on I’m a Celebrity – as the Daily Mirror’s ‘top jungle doc’ (!) I was forever being asked my views, for a number of papers and magazines, even though it seems a while ago now and very much replaced at the moment by Celebrity Big Brother.

I also wrote about why we cry on planes for the Daily Telegraph, the lovely Davina McCall’s divorce for New magazine, Harry and Meghan’s body language for Reveal, the rise of sex robots and the problems that Disney stars have growing up for the Daily Star and tips for restricting children’s screen time for The Sun.

I was really pleased to join in a debate on Radio 5 Live on reality TV Duty of Care – those that follow me on Twitter will know this is something I am both passionate about and love doing behind the TV scenes. Like coaching and counselling, it is all kept highly confidential, so much as I enjoy tweeting, I can never say anything about that side of my job!

Anyway, I said I’d keep it brief, so I’ll sign off now and wish you all a very Happy New Year!