July/August 2017


Here I am in early September, not much liking the way the evenings are slipping away fast but have to make the most of what little ‘summer’ is left.

Catching up on this newsletter helps as I have to remind myself that although the past couple of months see media pretty much shut down – so not much TV as all my producers go away – there has been plenty of writing and radio to keep me busy.

I did manage a quick visit to Channel 5 News  to talk about what makes a man handsome. It was pretty much a bit of PR fluff for a cosmetic surgeon, but fun nonetheless, especially when I had to test the very handsome presenter, Matt Barbet, on this so-called ‘Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty’. He did rather well… And of course as Good Morning Britain‘s Consultant Psychologist, there were a few sofa chats on very early mornings. That is not going to be so much fun, when it’s not only dark when I leave, but also dark when I get home – in full make up!

I wrote a LOT about relationships during the past few weeks – there seems to be no end to the thirst for relationship/dating info. Clients included the Daily MailGlamourDaily TelegraphThe SunDaily ExpressMetroRevealGraziaYahoo and The Times. I left (virtually) no stone unturned…

But of course, some of the most interesting work is the unexpected and the quirky.  Some of the oddities – that I love – included writing for Glamour on why we enjoy watching TV shows involving murderers, BBC News on the rise of the reality TV celebrity, Trump’s behaviour for The Daily MirrorThe Sunday Express on millennials bringing dogs into the workplace and female politicians wearing make up as ‘war paint’ for The Daily Telegraph.

And I am always thankful to my regular work – New magazine, keep on doing what you’re doing celebrities and both local and national radio. You may wake me up in the morning with the most strange topics for discussion, but it beats an alarm call any day!

One of the highlights of the past few weeks was presenting the winning Overall Cat at the National Cat Awards. Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I am crazy about cats – different from being a Crazy Cat Lady obvs – and it’s such a lovely day.  It’s held in the gorgeous Savoy Hotel for a start, but what is really touching is the difference cats make to their owners’ lives, especially those who are poorly or suffering in some way. Choosing one cat/owner out of the five shortlisted was a tough choice. But Cat’s Protection does such extraordinary work, I am always happy to support them. Roll on next year!

Meanwhile, I am keeping this brief as my own darling Louis is not well today. So I am going back to being Florence Nightingale and will look forward to catching up with you next month…