Jo Hemmings - Dating Coach and Celebrity Psychologist
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TV and Radio

Jo appears regularly on TV and has worked for all the terrestrial channels. She appears regularly on ITV’s This Morning and ITV’s Good Morning Britain as a Behavioural Psychologist. She is also the Behavioural Psychologist on C5’s Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

Other recent TV appearances include being a ‘talking head’ on The Alan Titchmarsh Show; the Dating Coach on BBC 1’s The Undercover Princes, ITV’s London Tonight Special: The Love Industry, Sky’s The Love Machine and C4’s Jewish Mother of the Year, broadcast in September 2012. She is the Media Psychologist called upon by Sky C5, C4 and BBC News on a regular basis to discuss the psychological impact of news stories and is the Celebrity Psychologist of choice to discuss entertainment and reality TV shows and contestants, such as Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother and The X Factor as well celebrity documentaries on C4 and C5. She is also a regular on radio, appearing on the BBC, LBC and BBC Radio London.

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Jo's Showreel


My Latest TV Appearances

Channel 5 News, 10th August 2015

Sky News, 21st July 2015

Channel 5 News, 19th May 2015

Good Morning Britain, 15th May 2015

Channel 5 News Tonight, 13th May 2015

Five News, 12th February 2015

Celebrity Big Brothers Bit on the Side, 13th January 2015

Good Morning Britain, 31st October 2014

Five News, 15th October 2014

ITV, This Morning, 6th October 2014

ITV, This Morning, 24th September 2014

Sky News, 20th August 2014

ITV, This Morning, 6th June 2014

ITV, This Morning, 11th April 2014

ITV, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, 20th March 2014

ITV, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, 10th February 2014

ITV, This Morning, 31st January 2014

ITV Good Morning Britain, 10th January 2014

Looking for Love, 29th October 2013

Sky News, 11th October 2013

This Morning, 26th September 2013

Good Morning Britain, Thursday 6th June 2013

Jewish Mum of the Year, Tuesday 16th October 2012

This Morning, Tuesday 17th July 2012

The Big Questions, Sunday 13th May 2012

Good Morning Britain, Wednesday 25th April 2012

Good Morning Britain, Thursday 12th April 2012

Whitney Houston - Death of a Diva, Channel 5, February 2012

This Morning Sexperts 17 October 2011

This Morning’s Sex Clinic 1 July 2011

Jo Hemmings This Morning 17th May 2011
"Skype Sex Clinic"

Jo Hemmings This Morning 28 March 2011
Discussing "Sex Headlines"

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