Hello lovelies

I hope you’re adjusting to the shorter days – I can’t believe how early it gets dark now. Still, on a positive note we have to go through this process to come out on the other, brighter side!

It’s been another hectic couple of months – I think I might have to go back to writing these newsletters monthly, which I guess is a very good sign work wise 😉

I know I’ve said this before, but I really think I am blessed by how diverse my work is. Which is often unexpected and sometimes more of a challenge than I bargained for. Writing wise, I have been kept busy by my regular celebrity musings for New!, covering – amongst others – Michelle Keegan (twice) Caroline Flack and of course the fabulous Katie Price, of which no month would ever be complete… But I have also been asked to comment on why women ‘retire’ from romance for the Daily Mail, instant messaging and dating culture for Debrief, how to pull at Christmas for Forever Sports (!), whether platonic relationships can ever work for Red, Simon Cowell’s obsession with keeping his youth for Woman’s Own and why we buy expensive moisturisers/facials when we are getting over a break up for Cosmopolitan. I have also written a feature for Good Housekeeping on those aspects of our lives that troubles us when we were young, but we’ve not got over or even made a virtue of – mine is being short. Hated it when I was younger, but I am now more practised at rocking a stiletto or platform (or both!) than most of my friends.

Perhaps the oddest – and one of the most interesting – was contrasting the speech that Alex Salmond would have made had he won with the one he actually made as he lost for the Scottish Daily Mail.

I am also in the middle of judging a number of categories for this year’s UK Dating Awards. Having won Dating Expert of the Year, in their first year, in 2014, I have to be prepared to give my ‘crown’ away to someone else – a curious process as part of me wants to keep it while another part wants to give it only to the best!

TV wise I seem to have sat on every breakfast sofa going over the past few weeks.  And these were no less diverse. I talked to Eamonn Holmes on Sky Sunrise about how it’s the little things matter in life (and no, I don’t think he was referring to my height!) and Susannah Reid about workplace stress still being a major issue on the Good Morning Britain sofa. Certainly the most touching (and my first visit to Media City) was discussing how bereaved families cope when they have a loved one who has died in military service for BBC Breakfast. I met a truly inspiring mum, who had lost her son, and her incredibly brave and lovely daughter who lost her brother when she was just five. And then just when I was recovering form another early start, I was invited onto C5 News on the same day to talk about how we introduce ourselves to strangers and whether we should hug them. Er, no is my view – why make someone feel unnecessarily uncomfortable, but of course I was pitched against someone who hugs EVERYONE!

Radio has also been busy with chats to Nick Ferrari on LBC about whether we should let kids bait each other with sexist language in the playground and Radio 5 Live about Helen Mirren’s bizarre comment that when a man outs his arm around you, it signifies ownership. No, it signifies affection… And talking of LBC, I am very excited (and pretty nervous!) to be presenting my first show on relationships and sex on Saturday November 7th. If you’re around (and not watching X Factor!) tune in or better, call in from 8.00 until 10.00pm. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve had some great PR jobs these past few weeks too – everything from Facing Your Fears for Go Sky Dive, to Plusnet on their #loveyouback campaign as well as Nestle’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and what your fizz popping style says about you for Shloer. I’m an avoidant popper, if I can’t get someone else to do it for me, I’ll twist the bottle myself and make a little screech as the cork pops…

After all this, I am off for just a few days sunshine in my beloved Fethiye – out Halloween and back Bonfire Night. So I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next month.

Much love