Hello lovelies

Well, that’s it – September done and and dusted.  Is it just me or did it disappear in a flash? Least it was a warm, dry flash.  I even managed to catch a few days away, early in the month, in my beloved Fethiye.  Feeling Turkish sun on my skin, especially when cooled by a gentle sea breeze (both of the alcoholic and non alcoholic sort!) somehow seems a whole lot more pleasant than the sticky, city-summer sort.  But back to work…

September is one of my busiest coaching months.  It’s a combination of singles who don’t want to spend another summer alone – and are perhaps looking forward to having something more than a simple gift to unwrap this Christmas – and couples, who have spent a two-week holiday together, often in that place called abroad where wifi/social media can be sparse – deciding that their relationship isn’t quite what it used to be. 

However busy I am, I’ll always make time to be back on my favourite TV sofa at This Morning. In the wake of the DLT conviction, I was discussing sexual harassment. Quite different from sexual abuse of course and I was surprised – and saddened – to get so many calls and emails on the phone in part of the show, which focused on sexual abuse and the subsequent trauma that goes with that. But I finally got to meet Amanda Holden, who is standing in for Holly Willoughby while she’s on maternity leave.  I reckon she did a great job, though she’s a tiny slip of a thing – I had to try to concentrate and not stare at her 😉

Writing this month has been as varied as ever. From my regular column on what’s-really-going-on body language shenanigans of celebrities in New! to writing about how those same sort of celebs might be feeling after their intimate photos were hacked and published for The Sun. I enjoyed my piece for Glamour especially on ‘common sex problems in 2014’ which included not being fearful of ‘dirty’ talk with your partner and encouraging him to share and enjoy your sex toys.  Not sure why these are particularly pertinent to 2014, they seem perennial concerns to me!

One of the strangest features I contributed to this month was on how to deal with potentially strained relationships between Scotland and England post referendum for The Daily Telegraph. And also between neighbours/family/friends amongst the Scots themselves. While I am used to dealing with difficult relationships in my everyday professional life, I think it’s the first time I’ve been asked to comment on a potential break up between two countries!

I also wrote for The Sunday Times in their Style Magazine on whether there is a sociopath in your marriage. A relatively light-hearted feature (well as light-hearted as sociopathy can be!) to help promote the launch of Gone Girl in the cinema. I loved the book and looking forward to seeing the film on Sunday.

So, that’s a brief summary of September. More next month – meanwhile I’ll be on Twitter @TVPsychologist wibbling along with the rest of you about Strictly, X Factor and the other reality TV that is our viewing consolation when summer draws to a close.

Much love