October, November and December

Hello lovelies

As I write this, I realise that it’s been a hell of a year. And sadly, most often not for the best reasons. We’ve had huge political upheaval as well as losing way too many musical and acting icons – with the last week of the year, feeling like an apocalypse in terms of the deaths of so many talented individuals that brought us so much pleasure. Let’s all hope that 2017, brings us all a little more joy…

But back to what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months – it’s been a busy time and much of it very reassuring that in spite of 2016’s turmoil, we’re still interested in the day-to-day psychology of life – whether that takes celebrity or a personal form.

I now seem to have a pretty regular slot on Sky News, most weeks, and usually with the fabulous Kay Burley. I love working with her and the new ‘glass box’ studio is amazing! The topics that I cover, are always diverse and generally I don’t know until the day itself what news topic I’ll get asked to cover – or whether I am on – with my psychological hat on. Which makes planning a bit of a nightmare 😉 Recent features include Student Fresher’s Week; whether telling ‘little white lies’ is ever acceptable (it is!); how old is too old to wear jeans/have a tattoo/wear high heels etc; the nature of social media mourning; fake news on Facebook and a recent study of the relationship between male sexism and depression.  Diverse indeed…

I also presented the Sex and Relationships show on LBC. I had some brilliant guests, but trust me, presenting a live two hour phone in show, with no music to break it up – and incoming calls, texts and tweets to handle as well as keeping a careful eye on the clock for ad breaks, travel updates and news bulletins which need to be timed to the nearest second is no easy feat.  I am so glad I only provide holiday cover – I could never manage it on a weekly basis! I’m much happier being a guest for another presenter – and have talked about the pressures at Christmas and women swearing and drinking as much as men, among other topics in the last few weeks.

I have also been contributing a lot to the Daily Mail in the last couple of months – and whatever your political views on the paper, it has a wide circulation and covers women’s topics – in particular – very well. Among a number of topics, I’ve commented on how our emotions affect our driving, what kind of facial expressions we pull when we’re concentrating and how selfies are encouraging the rise in cosmetic surgery.

It’s also good to be writing for some of the women’s ‘glossies’ and work over the past few weeks has included fussy eating disorders for Elle and body confidence for Glamour. And as ever, I’ve been commenting on celebrities weekly for New! and Reveal and while much of it doesn’t involve Katie Price, there’s rarely a month when I don’t comment on her. And while her behaviour is currently a bit ‘out there’ I’ve written about her more times lately than I can remember. Always with some affection – she’s a troubled girl, but I am very fond of her.

Some of my new clients this month – always good to have those – have been Pure Beauty, Vitality magazine, Stylist, The Pool, Fabulous, Unilad, NBC and the Irish Independent – on topics varying from body confidence and New Year resolutions to sharing a credit card and dick pics! For me the oddest one was doing  a piece on Chris Coleman, ex manager of Wales, for TalkSport Radio. I know nothing about football – but it was more a psychological feature (obvs) so somehow I managed to wing it…

In early 2017, I am going to be developing my work as a Duty of Care Psychologist. Much as I enjoy appearing on TV, I really love the assessment, evaluation and contestant support that I do behind the scenes on reality TV shows. It’s hard – but fulfilling work. So, if there are any TV companies/channels reading this – please check out my new Duty of Care page on my website. Thank you!

So until January – much love.