October – and Big November News!

Hello lovelies

A couple of weeks late with this month’s blog – but for very good reasons. Well, I think so anyway. I was hanging on in there for the UK Dating Awards on Thursday 13th November.  This is the first year of an Awards Ceremony that celebrates achievement right across the dating industry, from bloggers and journalists to major online dating companies. I was up for Dating Expert of the Year – an honour enough to be nominated, but I was absolutely thrilled to win! While I have been a Dating Coach for over 10 years now, I was up against some formidable and well-respected individuals, so had warned those lovely people who were kind enough to come along and support me to brace themselves for disappointment. But I was wrong – and am delighted to have won, especially in their first year.

October is always a busy month, not just for dating coaching with all those singles hoping to find love before Christmas but there’s a frenzy of PR activity this month too.

Many of you will know me more for being a psychologist (or maybe just a reality TV tweeter!?) rather than a dating expert, but I tend to specialise in relationships of one sort of another. In fact quite a lot of my media work this month has been dating/relationship based from discussing sexting on Channel Five News, dating trends for 2015 for Glamour magazine and why we lose weight when we fall in love for Good Morning Britain where I was on the sofa with Big Brother’s Josie Gibson, looking both svelte and beautiful these days. I also had an interesting debate on online dating with a couple of journalists on Voice of Russia radio. It wasn’t live and got quite heated – in the nicest possible way – but I did feel for the poor editor who had to cut our ‘enthusiasm’ down to just a half hour programme!

Other TV worked included being back on my favourite telly sofa, This Morning, doing a feature and a phone in on how to cope with stress and recognise the signs of a nervous breakdown.

Writing wise, I have contributed to The Daily Telegraph and Woman’s Own this month. The latter, oddly, on why Lorraine Kelly is so disliked. I didn’t know she was to be honest – always seems like a genuine, old-school presenter to me. It seems she’s not touchy-feely enough for some, which leads some viewers to distrust her. Who knew ;-)?

And always a pleasure to write my regular body language column in New! magazine and now Katie Price has resurfaced, post her umpteenth baby, it was good to be writing about her again. I’d almost forgotten how much time she takes up in my celebrity psychology remit…

And of course tis the season for reality TV, which keeps me busy at work and at play. A bit disappointed by this year’s X Factor contestants (singing wise, not psychologically!) but I’m hoping the gorgeous Fleur will win. Unfortunately – and those who know me will confirm this – I rarely manage to predict any winners of these shows. Just as well I am a psychologist not not a psychic 😉

Tonight sees the launch of the daddy of all reality TV shows, I’m a Celebrity which is always a red letter day in TV watching calendar, so on that note, I’ll sign off and see some of you on Twitter laters.

Much love


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