Hello lovelies

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve Eve, the sun is (almost) shining and the buds are out on the plants on the balcony outside my office. So it feels distinctly unseasonal! Tomorrow the mayhem will start – both boys back home for Christmas of course, a fridge packed full of deliciousness and a couple of birthdays to celebrate on the Big Day – mine and my older son’s, so it’s the calm before the storm…

There hasn’t been a lot of let up in work this last few weeks either. December is normally a quiet month work-wise, but it seems that it’s going right up to the wire this year. Even clients, who usually wait until January when there’s a surge of couples and singles looking for help with their relationships, are keeping me busy.

I was very excited to present two sex and relationships shows for LBC over the past few weeks – though holding a two hour show together as a presenter is definitely outside of my comfort zone 😉 Thankfully I had some great guests and a raft of callers, so it tends to speed by. But it’s a Saturday night, so as well as having to prep for it (and recover from it) on a weekend, after a long week’s work, I did miss my X Factor Sat night in!

I’ve written a fair bit over the past few weeks including my regular contributions for New! – including how Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright deal with a long distance relationship during a prolonged separation and of course a few observations on Katie Price – without which, no month would ever feel complete!  I have also written for Best magazine on how to recognise and deal with crisis points in relationships at Christmas as well as a piece on what New Year resolutions you might want to make, relationship wise – so as those crises don’t happen again next year…  I also wrote for the Sunday Times on Taylor Swift’s changing behaviour and ES Magazine on how positive affirmations can help happiness – though I know they don’t work for everyone.

I handed over my UK Dating Awards Dating Expert of the Year – slightly reluctantly, but at least it wasn’t wrestled from my hands (!) – to Susan Quilliam, a very worthy winner in my view, so well done! And it was a great evening, after all the judges hard work. The dating industry is developing in some very exciting new ways.

I gave a talk at Soho House on Dating in the Digital Age, which was really well attended, even though it was slightly disconcerting to have my 24 year old son sitting in the front row 😉 Anyway, it seems to have gone down well as I’ve been invited back next year. 

I also did an interesting pilot show for the BBC, where I got to meet Emma Bunton – who was presenting – and I have to admit that not only is she a very pretty and lovely girl, I was also more than a bit star struck! There’s also a strong chance of my co-hosting a 12 part series for ITV next year, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. And January is already shaping up well with a few PR campaigns/radio days planned – ranging from Domino’s Pizza to the Harley Medical Group. My job is nothing if not diverse!

So, until next year, I’ll just wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas and New Year.