Hello lovelies

Here I am sitting in my office on the hottest day of the year – for many years if the news is anything to go by – with fingers sliding off the keyboard, thinking how much we long for the hot weather and then find it so difficult to deal with it when we get it! I guess that’s a British thing…

My work pattern seems to change as rapidly as our seasons. It used to be that Jan, Feb and March were the really busy months, while the summer meant things would quieten down. Not so this year – especially PR wise. There are a fair few campaigns needing some psychological advice at the moment – anything from dealing with adult acne to the well being properties of cod liver oil!

And celebrities being celebrities, summer sees an upsurge in naughty behaviour. I have written for New magazine on Kate Moss being unruly on her flight back from Turkey and those boys from TOWIE behaving badly in Marbs. And Essex. I love my weekly comments for them, other topics over the last few weeks have included why Kym Marsh has been engaged three times but never makes it up the aisle and of course no month would be complete without writing about Katie Price, this time on her attitude to aging. Go girl, I say – do whatever makes you feel good.

TV wise, it’s been a busy time too. I’ve been on Good Morning Britain talking about the difference between male and female drivers and Channel Five News on the emotional impact of using emojis in social media and on our texts and what the colour red says about us.

I love doing a bit of radio and it’s always a pleasure to be on LBC. I have been interviewed a number of times in the last month or so. The topics have varied from our indecision regarding the election to why we react so dramatically to age gap relationships, based on the grief Duncan Bannatyne got recently. And also on BBC London – again diverse topics ranging from why we take photos of accidents and incidents to how much we expect men to tip on a date. Diverse indeed…

I’ve also written for Woman’s Own on why Amal Clooney has become so thin, the Daily Mail on body image and why some women won’t let their husbands see them without any make up, the Sunday Mirror on how to help your children cope when a parent is doing a job that takes them away from home for long periods of time, The Sun on Johnny Wilkinson’s obsessive exercise regime, Grazia on why some women never experience an orgasm and Psychologies magazine on working your way through the tough patches that all relationships go through. Phew – never a dull moment!

So of course, as I am about to go on holiday for a week, the weather in the UK hots up and work seems to becoming busier than ever. Not expecting you to feel sorry for me of course, but that iPad/phone is never far from my side wherever I am in the world, so unless you subsrcibne to this newlsetter, you might never know that I was away at all 😉

And, er, not the slightest bit miffed that I booked my holiday while Big Brother is still on (so no BBBOTS for me!). Hmmm – keep me in touch on Twitter won’t you?

Until next month, have a wonderful steamy July!


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