May/June 2017


OK, so where is the summer going? I can hardly believe we’re now in July. It’s certainly been a turbulent couple of months, with some distressing events, which has certainly influenced my TV work.

Having lived in London all my life, and grown up not far from Grenfell Tower, I can’t think of much that affected me quite as much as that terrible, tragic fire. I had to visit the area that week for both ITV News and Sky News, to talk about how families and friends will begin to cope with their loss and how those extraordinarily brave firefighters can process and deal with what happened to them. As a psychologist used to talking about coping mechanisms for grief and PTSD, I still felt incredibly moved and saddened by what I saw. A week later I was behind the scenes on Good Morning Britain talking to some of the survivors and those who had family and friends in the tower, who were appearing on the show – I hope I gave them some reassurance that while they can never forget, they will feel better in time. Life takes on a ‘new normal’. I also have to say that in terms of Duty of Care, ITV are really one of the best channels around. And I was back on again the next morning (which was exhausting, but in the scheme of things I am not complaining) to talk a little more about coping mechanisms and grief.

But of course, there is always lighter news  and people welcome it in difficult times, so I was pleased to have a busy couple of months with my usual sort of psychology-lite ;-). Other TV appearances, included Sky News, discussing a ‘Reading Room’ experiment I conducted to find the formula for the perfect summer read; Good Morning Britain to chat about Corbyn and May’s body language in the run up to the election and The One Show talking about the rise in manspreading – y’know that thing men do, when they sit on trains with their legs flopped out to take up as much space as possible. Territorial behaviour, that’s all…

I’ve been writing a lot about celebs as ever, including my weekly meanderings for New magazine and also for Reveal. It’s the usual suspects, why is Katie Price (of course – no month is ever complete without writing about her) flirting with other men, is Louise Redknapp’s latest career threatening her marriage, is Cheryl Cole overprotective of her new baby and will Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s relationship manage to survive so much time apart?  I’ve also written for Grazia on the things we hide in a new relationship and whether younger men dating an older woman can work (yes!) for Reveal. I’ve written for Marie Claire on the paradox of choice when we have too many clothes in our wardrobe as well as what love addiction really means. I also contributed to a fascinating feature for Cosmopolitan on just how many women are now keen to get pregnant online – though not literally of course… And again for Cosmo on the what the new female buzzcut really represents.

And the newspapers have also been busy trying to fill their pages with some more cheerful, lighter news so I have written about a new Slow Dating app (complete waste of time!) for The Times, on my perfect summer book formula for The Sun, The Express and The Mail as well as first-holiday-as-a-couple do’s and dont’s for The Mirror and how women in politics use make up to give them a ‘game face’ when things get tough. I also wrote a piece for The Sun’s Fabulous magazine on what makes Tom Hardy the perfect boyfriend (hello!!). That’s pretty much all newspaper bases covered then…

There’s also been a lot of ‘dating’ around – a big flurry of new clients (must be the warm weather) and also Blind Date coming back, so have been talking a fair bit on the radio – including the new (vile, who would??) break up app for LBC –  and writing for the iPaper on TV dating shows in general. So what with all my clients, a few really interesting PR jobs and a couple of very exciting TV series in the pipeline, I am looking forward to a few days break in my beloved Fethiye later this month.

So, I wish you a peaceful and wonderful couple of months – and if we don’t chat on Twitter @TVPsychologist – and I’ll see you again in August!