Hello lovelies

Well, it’s certainly been an eventful few weeks – crashing out of the both the Euros and the EU, not to mention the appalling British summer we’ve been having.  It’s left feeling people a bit disconnected and bemused by life, especially the unexpected results of the referendum. But it’s happened, and like so much that distresses us in life, our only real option is to get on with it and try and find positives in any outcome.

As my followers know, I tend to dodge anything political on Twitter – the responses can get pretty shirty – and so it is in my professional life. It’s good to report that most of my media work these past couple of months, owes more to the world of entertainment than the world of politics…

It’s good to be a regular on LBC as ever, and I seem to be asked on most weeks now, discussing anything from road rage, Philip Green’s body language under verbal attack and the appalling sexual on German women during recent music festivals. I also seem to be becoming a regular on Talk Radio (I must have a face for radio!) talking about why men take steroids to pump themselves up, simple for the narcissistic ‘joy’ of posting selfies  and why we still identify with old-fashioned Superheroes. I also had a chat on BBC Radio London about have-a-go-heroes and the Bystander Effect.

I have written for the Daily Mail on toyboys, a subject they are always fascinated by, Cheryl’s ever expanding and changing tattoos and at the other end of the scale, what life might be like now that Melissa Reid, the drugs mule, has been released from prison in Peru. I’ve also written for New! on the public ugliness of the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp bust up (thankfully gone quiet now) and the curious relationship that is Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. And now I can see he is wearing an ‘I heart TS’ t-shirt while frolicking in the sea with her. I am not sure what that relationship is about or where it is going!

I especially like writing for Glamour, they always have an interesting twist on any relationship based subject. Over the past few weeks, I have written for them on the moment when we realised a relationship wouldn’t last and why it’s OK to cancel plans at the last minute.

I also wrote about Tom and Taylor’s body language for Reveal as well as the other celebrity relationship which is equally fascinating, Cheryl and Liam. Other writing work has included The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph (on the fashion ins and outs of male chest hair!), Woman’s Own and Grazia.

So, now I am off for a week’s holiday (hello SUN!) and when I am back my new dating series, Undressed starts. I have been working on it since the very beginning, so feel very attached to both the show and the contestants. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know – it’s on TLC on Friday nights at 10.00pm (yes, I know it clashes with Big Brother, will just have to watch that on catch up!) from 15th July.

Let’s hope the weather improves over the next few weeks, if you’re off on holiday anywhere,  enjoy…

Much love