May – nearly done already…

Hello lovelies

Hope this post finds you well.  Sun just beginning to seep through some late afternoon haze, so let’s hope we all have a good weekend weather wise.

Another busy month work wise.  I have been doing a lot of PR in the last few weeks, one of the things that I really enjoy, though rarely mention in my newsletters.  Being an expert for a new brand or product launch, usually involves getting stuck into a survey and giving my expert comment on the findings.  Then they launch the Press Release into the media and fix up radio interviews, which are always fun.  Sometimes the radio interviews can be literally back to back for several hours, a mix of pre-records and live, and I have a few favourite presenters that I am always happy to talk to, whatever the subject.  Occasionally, the agencies are lucky enough to secure a TV interview too, which is how I found myself discussing the World Cup (or at least the fibs we tell, to make sure we can watch it) with Eamonn Holmes on Sky Sunrise last week.  Now, for those that know me – via Twitter or anywhere else – you know that I am pretty clueless about football, so just feel grateful I didn’t get asked any ‘awkward’ questions about the game itself!  I also wrote a piece on my psychological interpretation of Ronaldo for The Sun, so maybe it’s shaping up to be a football shaped summer for all of us.

I started the month by going on Good Morning Britain (Day 2, no less) which I was very excited about, as really wanted to see the new team/set in action. Sadly, I was discussing PTSD that those poor children must have been suffering after their teacher was stabbed to death.  A distressing subject which understandably took a lot of the glitz off my excitement…

It’s also been something of a torrid time for Katie Price.  Whatever you think of her – and I know there’s a lot of divided opinions out there – to be betrayed by both your husband and your best friend must be pretty devastating, especially when you’re six months pregnant.  I managed to take a week’s holiday in my beloved Fethiye earlier this May and although it was rainy most of the time (definitely not what was ordered!) I had the slightly surreal experience of being called up by the Sunday Mirror on my views on why she seems to have such disastrous relationships, while on a boat trip in the middle of the Med on one of the few sunny days!  The story continues to unravel, getting more graphic and bizarre by the moment, so I have also written something on her for next week’s New! magazine.

In fact I seem to be writing for New! most weeks now on celebrities, which I love and have covered Kimye’s marriage and that bizarre lift encounter with Beyonce. Solange and Jay-Z this month.  Which I also wrote about for Look magazine and The Daily Express. There’s never a dull moment in la-la land 😉

So until the next celebrity meltdown, I’ll sign off now.  Have a great weekend!


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