Hello lovelies

Apologies for late newsletter, I have been a bit poorly for a couple of weeks, but now back to rude health!

In spite of not managing much work for a few weeks, its still been a busy time with lots of TV, radio and writing work as well as working on a new dating series, more of which later…

It was good to be back on the This Morning sofa, discussing child favouritsm and whether it is ever acceptable to favour one child over another. Not long term obviously, but I think a lot of parents prefer one child over the another, especially when their toddler is going through a difficult phase or their adolescent has become a sulky, uncommunicative rebel. I asked my two boys whether they had ever felt that I had favourited one over the other, and they both agreed they had never thought that. And that’s in spite of them being highly competitive to be No. 1 son!

TV wise, I also appeared on Sky News talking about online dating (always a popular subject!), the BBC about what drives ex reality stars to suicide and how duty of care is so important and Channel 5 News on the realities of heartbreak and why our heart actually hurts when we lose someone we love.

I am also working as the Consultant Psychologist on Good Morning Britain, assessing whether some of their guests, who have been through especially traumatic experiences, are OK to go on air. Working behind the scenes in TV can be just as fulfilling as being on it.

I have been working hard, also as the Consultant Psychologist, on a new dating show called Undressed, which has been a really fascinating experience – watching it move through concept and psych assessments to filming. It’s all look good and should be coming to a TV near you next month.

I have written a lot for the national press over the last few weeks, including four contributions for the Daily Mail on subjects as varied as ‘Does it matter if your man doesn’t tell you he loves you?’ to the 10th anniversary of the publication of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (annoying and inspirational in equal measure IMHO) and what does it say about you if you carry a bag with a picture of your loved one printed on it?

I’ve also written for the Daily Telegraph on trophy wives and polyamory, Look on micro-cheating, the Daily Star, New! and Reveal on what Cheryl and Liam’s future relationship holds as well as Vernon and Tess (twice) for New! magazine.

Radio work has included a couple of stints on LBC and Woman’s Hour – both shows two of my favourites.

So now we’re in May – plenty of work coming up and also a much-needed holiday in the middle of the month. And just as I get well, so does the weather. It’s a pleasure to see the sun shining from my office as a I write this. Enjoy!

Much love