June newsletter

Hello lovelies

Hope you’re enjoying this fine weather.  As I sit here writing this, the sun is looking very tempting, but with a few clients today and even more deadlines, it’ll just have to stay that way…

Of course, last month saw the start of Big Brother again. And much as I grizzle about the housemates and say that I won’t get back into it again, it’s been as irresistible as ever and I find myself caught up once again.  Though I am off on holiday on Friday for 10 days, followed by doing a session on dating and body language at Latitude Festival, so I’ll just have to learn to deal with any withdrawal symptoms 😉 For those of you who ask me why I am not on BBBOTS (and thank you for that) it’s a bit complicated, but in essence I don’t entirely agree with the way they choose/treat HM’s (as you’ll know from my tweets!) and anyway, it’s much more fun not having any restrictions on what I can actually say about them…

As far as work is concerned, June was a busy month for all sorts of reasons, and it seems to be a really popular month for singles who want to get some advice on dating. I guess there’s the whole summer stretching ahead of them. It gets much quieter during July and August, for obvious reasons, so if any of you would like some Dating Coaching, I am offering a 20% discount during those months.  You know where to find me!

I was back on my favourite TV sofa a couple of weeks ago, discussing marriage sabbaticals on This Morning.  I don’t think they’re a good idea and would be reluctant to ever suggest one to my clients, as it think that one partner often has some sort of an agenda, it masks – rather than directly deals with – the issues in your relationship and it’s a pretty risky strategy.  I was also on Sky News this week, discussing that blatant intrusion of user’s privacy, where Facebook manipulated posts in order to test emotional reaction. Without actual informed consent, studies like these really violate users privacy and are considered pretty worthless psychologically.

I did a study for Last Minute – which did have the informed consent of the participants – on how spontaneity affects couples relationships.  It was a two week study and clearly showed that while a degree of planned spontaneity is really positive for your relationship, too much unpredictability has the opposite effect.  Anyway, it certainly raised some interest and I wrote features on it for the Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, The Sun and Female First amongst others.

I was also the psychologist for a great PR job with Simply Juice, which saw me working alongside such luminaries as Victoria Pendleton and Dr Christian as well as a fabulous nutritionist and a fitness expert. There was a lot of tummy sucking going on from me during both the photoshoot and the media day 😉

I’ve also written for My Daily on whether WAGS are redundant now (given our abysmal world cup performance, I guess that has to be a ‘yes’!) and Red on how to embrace – rather than fight –  the changes that happen as we get older. And a piece on Jennifer Aniston’s body language for New! She certainly gives the ‘ownership’ gesture a run for its money. Which would imply that she’s not as secure in her relationship with Justin as she’d like to think.

I am also just about to write for New! again this afternoon. And, no surprise here, on Katie Price once again who has been using her radio show to give her, er, candid views on her ex-best pal’s (the one that cheated with her husband) looks/age/appearance etc. Love her or loathe her, there’s never a dull moment in Katie’s life – and I have must have written about her way more than any other celebrity, ever!

Anyway, work to be done. Not to mention washing and packing.  Have a good couple of weeks, keep me Twitter posted on Big Bro and I’ll see you next month.