Hello lovelies

While I write this, I am looking out of my office window onto the dreariest day ever – typical of the run up to the August Bank Holiday weekend. I am lucky enough to be escaping to my beloved Fethiye for a few days on Friday, which I managed to time brilliantly (not) with the start of Celebrity Big Brother – so I may have to give it a miss this time around, as least far as observing the housemates’ antics from the CBBBOTS sofa.

Unusually for July and August, traditionally quieter months of the year, I have been inundated with work for the past few weeks. Unexpected but welcome, especially as I haven’t missed much sunshine.

TV wise, I have had my regular slots on C5 News, with topics varying from why people feel the need to film and record and every event they go to these days to the fall out from the Ashley Madison hacking. That was an interesting day, not since Gwynnie’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ from Chris Martin, have I rushed around the TV channels quite so much. In addition to Channel Five, I also covered it for Sky News and Channel 4.  Lots of radio the past few weeks too, ranging from discussing whether it’s a good idea to Google our symptoms on BBC Radio London to doing a phone on anti-depressants on LBC with Nick Ferrari.

The summer months tend to be a bit quiet coaching wise – the peak months for both singles and couples are September (post summer-holidays) and January (post-Christmas) – but I have been doing a lot of what I really enjoy this month, writing for magazines and newspapers.  It’s always so varied – and often unexpected – that the challenge never fails to keep me on my toes.

I always love doing my regular celebrity observations for New! magazine and over the past few weeks I have written for them about a number of celebrities, including Cheryl Cole (twice) and of course the fabulous Katie Price, without which no month would seem complete 😉

I have also written for The Sun on Sunday about what the Labour leadership candidates body language reveals about their leadership qualities, The Sun on why people would pay money to be trolled on social media (yes, it’s actually a ‘thing’) Marie Claire on the future of sex and genetic dating and The Telegraph Wonder Women column on ghosting. Which if you didn’t know it, is when you’re dating someone and they suddenly disappear without any explanation. It can be a distressing experience and one which is clearly on the rise, as I also wrote about it for Grazia.

It’s reassuring to be invited back to write for magazines and papers a number of times over a couple of weeks, so I also wrote for Grazia on anorgasmia (women who can’t have an orgasm…), Woman’s Own on how Carol Vorderman has changed over the years and what to do if you find yourself unexpectedly single and twice for Metro, once on the suggestion that prostitution should be decriminalised due to men’s high sex drives (!) and the other on the sending of ‘Dick pics’, another one of those dating phenomena, also on the, er, rise…

Other than that, it’s also been a busy time for PR work, with jobs ranging for conducting a scientific experiment on whether our attraction levels drop in response to bad driving for the Institute of Advanced Motoring and how we judge our dates on what they choose to eat in a restaurant for TGI Friday’s.

Oh and I have also filmed a documentary for Channel 4. I’m not allowed to say much about it at the moment, but it was TOTALLY not what I was expecting and I can honestly say that I have never done TV like it in my life! It’s not due to be broadcast for a few months, so I’ll leave you with that thought for now…

I need a holiday 😉 Enjoy the rest of the month, and I’ll see you in September.

Much love


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