July and August

Hello lovelies

I haven’t written a blog for a few weeks, so it’s good to be back. As well as July and August being quieter months media and client wise, I was struck down by some mysterious illness for several weeks, which was a bit unpleasant. Doc thought it might be Crohn’s, but tests show not thankfully – so hopefully just a one-off. Anyway back to rude health now 😉

I’ve still managed to fit in various TV programmes (the wonder of those make up girls, making me look half-decent even if I didn’t feel it!) including a number of Sky News appearances varying from the MND Ice Bucket Challenge to digital mourning, following the untimely and sad death of Robin Williams.

Writing included a piece for the  Daily Express on the 25th anniversary of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (yes, I couldn’t quite believe that either), The Times on retirement home options and why we should talk about it sooner rather than later and Mother and Baby on tribal baby names.  As ever, my workload is always diverse.

I also gave a talk at Latitude Festival on dating and body language which was fun. And what a great festival it is – music, comedy, literary stuff, even dance. Well worth a visit if you get a chance.  I was most excited about getting a T-shirt with my name on the back, even if it is in the smallest ever print, way down towards the bottom 😉

I’ve also done a few guest slots on LBC, a radio station I love. Hopefully I will have some exciting news to impart on that soon – but for now I’ll just say keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also continue to write my New! magazine column most weeks – amazingly while I have managed to cover the body language and behaviour of a number of celebrities, I only wrote about Katie Price once. It must be a quiet time for her.  Or maybe she was having a baby. Or something.

And it wouldn’t be right to sign off without thanking my loyal Twitter followers for sticking with me through my Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother rants.  The editing is often questionable and there are at least three CBB contestants who would never have passed the psych tests back in C4 days! I’d love to work for C5 again, but think they need to clean up their act contestant wise – it may be entertaining but it can also be deeply uncomfortable viewing.

Anyway on that note, I’ll sign off. Until next month we can keep in touch on Twitter @TVPsychologist.

Much love


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