Hello lovelies

Well, we made it through to the end of February – even with an extra day – and as I write this at nearly 5.30pm, it’s still (relatively) light outside of my office, Happy days!

It’s been a busy couple of months and interesting to see how my note-taking scrawl reflects just how much change we have been through over the past few weeks. All the way from chatting on the Sky News Breakfast sofa about the impact Christmas has on divorce rates in the first few weeks of January, through to Blue Monday, the third Monday in January for the Daily Express and how to beat those blues to coincide with the DVD release of The Martian to talking/writing about Valentine’s Day for just about everybody!

Other TV appearances included BBC Breakfast on how to deal with a big lottery win (oh, just give ME the chance!) and Good Morning Britain on age gap relationships in the light of Jerry Hall getting engaged to Rupert Murdoch. It isn’t just the age gap in that relationship, it’s the cultural gap – from rock star(s) to elderly media mogul?? Although as Piers Morgan dryly pointed out to me, there probably isn’t that much difference in age between Rupert Murdoch and Mick Jagger… My second appearance on GMB, was skilfully managed by Susannah Reid (no Piers in sight) while we talked about the treatment for phobias, in particular cake phobia. Yes, it does exist. It even has a (totally unpronounceable) name.

Lots of writing this month, I always enjoy my regular comments in New! magazine. It’s usually just a box feature on various celebrity antics, with Cheryl Cole, Jacqueline Jossa, Dan Osborne and Khloe Kardashian included over the past few weeks. I’m usually quite cautious in what I say – carefully navigating that tricky path between entertainment and professionalism. But when they asked me to comment on Gemma Collins behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house – they couldn’t shut me up and I ended up with a double page spread! I bravely tweeted the feature, expecting the usual ‘leave her alone, we love her’ trolling, but virtually no negative responses. Which just goes to show the power that CBB still has over a celeb’s popularity.

I also went to Dublin (a city that I love) for a PR job but somehow within a massive schedule of 20 interviews – press, radio and TV – most people still wanted to talk about Celebrity Big Brother, as it’s huge on TV3.

Other work included writing on reality shows and the cult of celebrity (right up my strasse!) for The Daily Telegraph, ‘Glory Parenting’ for The Daily Mail and the Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery for The Harley Medical Group.

I am also very excited to be involved in a brand new TV dating series, called ‘Undressed‘. And yes, while it does involve getting a few clothes off (not for me, you’ll be thrilled to hear) it’s more of a social experiment to fast track intimacy, strip away inhibitions (yes, yes and clothes) and see attraction in a psychological light. It’s filming in April, so I’ll keep you posted. Meawhile if any of you singles, would like to audition to take part – just let me know!

 I have also had more clients over the past few weeks than at any other time. A mixture of singles and couples counselling – both are the most rewarding areas of my job. Emotionally rather than financially 😉 And I am thrilled to be invited to a wedding later this year for a couple that I successfully coached. I’ll definitely be there and love a happy ending, especially if I have helped them get there – even though they are getting married half way around the world…

Until next month, much love