Hello lovelies

Well, here we are, just out of January. Always seems like such a long month, with Christmas packed safely away for another year and any chance of another break/sunshine MONTHS away! In my world, Jan is always one of the busiest months of the year. Especially in coaching terms. From singles vowing to never spend another Christmas alone again to couples who have struggled over the festive period. And of course it’s the month for new beginnings, so people are always looking for a psychologist’s comment to help inspire others to make/keep their resolve.

I have also written and contributed to fair few features this month. Hugely varied as ever. From giving a few sexy resolutions to Fabulous magazine and places to have sex outside of the bedroom for Glamour – both designed to kick start your new year in style 😉  Other aspects of relationships haven’t been neglected either and I’ve also written for the Daily Mail on how celebrity couples manage to stay friends after a break up and what we might learn from them and Woman’s Own on living together in the same house after you’ve separated and what impact that might have on your kids.  Other writing included a psychological view of why crime dramas are so popular for Entertainmentwise and how we can get back to the simpler days of our early relationships for The Huffington Post. And while I’ve been helping Ann Summers with their erotic writing competition (and quite an eye opener it was too!) I’ve also managed to write for the sexiest magazine of them all, Cosmopolitan on how we should behave in the workplace, rather than the bedroom 😉  And of course, no month would be complete without writing about Katie Price – this time for Now magazine.

And talking of the fabulous Miss Katie Price (yes, I am a HUGE fan) I couldn’t have been any more excited to see her enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.  Finally!  It’s been an amazing series – and while it’s been such a busy month for me, I was delighted to at least squeeze in one appearance on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side which was as thrilling as ever, although having a selfie taken at the end of the show, while standing next to the lovely Rylan, who maybe the tallest man I’ve ever met,  made my tiny 5ft foot frame look like it belonged to another species! I don’t what I am going to do with these long winter evenings when the series finishes this Friday…

Anyway, I’ll sign off now. For those that love it, have a wonderful Vallie’s Day. And for those that don’t, be rest assured that I’ll be dodging going out that night too! I may still be recovering from seeing 50 Shades of Grey on Friday 13th – an inauspicious day but a movie I am really looking forward to.

Until next month, keep up the Twitter banter and much love