Hello lovelies

A joint Feb and March newsletter this time. The first quarter of the year is always busy with coaching – including a few interesting celebrities – but of course it’s always the part of my job that complete confidentiality prevent me from ever writing about. And now nearly Spring – loving the lighter evenings and my favourite day of the year (now I’ve stopped counting birthdays!) has to be the clocks going forward on Sunday – I am definitely not a winter person…

I still managed to fit in some writing work and as my regular followers will know, no month is complete without writing about Katie Price, this time for New magazine. Amongst other pieces I also wrote for them on the highs and lows of Beyonce’s and J-Z’s marriage and how they have managed to deal with it all. That’s in next week’s magazine if you fancy a look. Alternatively if you’re a Woman’s Own reader, I have just written on why people are hating on Holly Willoughby for them.  That was a tough one for me – she has always been a delight to work with on This Morning and I can only imagine it’s because there are some trolls out there who give her grief simply for the fact she’s beautiful, talented and has a pretty happy and enviable life. Perfect troll territory – unfortunately.

I’ve also written for Heat magazine on Kylie Jenner’s lifestyle and the impossibly-tiny-waist that Cinderella has and what that’s saying about body image for young and impressionable girls.  Other work included writing on what celebrity kitchens say about their owners for The Sun and how to deal with your partner being away from home for long periods of time for The Sunday Mirror.

And of course last month saw the launch of the long-awaited 50 Shades of Grey movie. I loved it and went on Channel Five News to debate the fact that given we’re all grown ups, with the ability to tell fact from fiction/reality from fantasy, that it posed no threat to women in terms of potential abuse!

Lots of radio these past two months as well, with topics ranging from whether you can be in love with two people at once and is it wrong to fancy your mother-in-law 😉

I’ve also been asked to give a talk at iDate this year, which is the dating industry’s massive international conference, being held later this year in London. It’s quite an honour to be asked, now I’ve just got to work out what I am going to talk about!

I’ve also been invited to join a new venture run by Jeff Brazier. Come Coach With Me is a selected handful of top coaches in the UK, so am looking forward their inaugural meeting next month and great things happening from them.

I’ll sign off now – so have a fabulous weekend don’t miss that hour we’re about to lose, enjoy those light evenings instead!

Much love



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