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Jan and Feb 2017

Hi lovelies

Very late to writing this blog, but that must be a good thing, workwise, right? Anyway, a Happy and Very Belated New Year to you all!

It’s been a really busy time with clients, as ever. There are always a lot of singles who want to find a partner for the new year and vow never to spend another Christmas alone. I’m pleased to say that a few of them are now happily dating so something must be working… Usual client numbers were swelled by a great piece in the Daily Mail‘s You Magazine in January. A four page feature on dating coaching, much of it about my work, including a section on the coaching session I did for the journalist – so many thanks Laura Silverman! It’s also a time when I do a lot of couple counselling – Christmas and New Year takes its toll on many relationships.

TV work has included doing a phone in on This Morning on sexless relationships, C5 News on what Valentine’s Day really means these days and various appearances on Sky News, including a piece on dating fraud.

I’ve also been chatting to Andrew Castle on LBC about getting on with your inlaws, BBC Radio London about how old is too old to be living with your parents (number 2 son, please take note!) and always enjoy my interviews with Julia-Hartley Brewer on Talk Radio – she always makes me laugh, though not sure that’s quite the intention 😉

I am still writing regularly for New! magazine with my celebrity observations, and those under the spotlight in the last few weeks have included Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell – a toxic relationship if ever there was one – David Beckham and Nicola Mclean. And of course Katie Price – as regular readers of my blog will know – there’s NEVER a month when I don’t write something about Katie P.

It’s also good to be contributing more and more to the national press. I’ve written a couple of times for the Daily Mail on both the rise of you tube vloggers and of Sugar Mummies – separate pieces of course. I’ve also written for the Daily Telegraph on ‘body revenge’ – getting fit after a break up – and The Independent on how Trump has all the makings of a malignant narcissist. I am not one to make prescriptive mental health judgements about anyone normally, but feel it’s totally fair game with him!!

I’ve also written for Grazia on the new Hater dating app (let’s hope it bites the dust pretty soon) and a couple of pieces for Glamour on Alpha and Beta women and red flags in relationships.

And for those of you who fancy trying out dating coaching, but don’t have the time (or money) for one on one coaching, I’m pleased to let you know that I now have an online dating course, which has a few freebies on it and an affordable course you can take. More info on @TheDateAdvisor or And if you get bored with my voice, the videos have been put together and narrated by the lovely Jon Briggs, better known for being the voice of Siri in your iPhone or telling people they are the Weakest Link 😉

So, in all a busy couple of months, but much of it about dating and relationships – always the way in the New Year.

See you next time…

Much love


October, November and December

Hello lovelies

As I write this, I realise that it’s been a hell of a year. And sadly, most often not for the best reasons. We’ve had huge political upheaval as well as losing way too many musical and acting icons – with the last week of the year, feeling like an apocalypse in terms of the deaths of so many talented individuals that brought us so much pleasure. Let’s all hope that 2017, brings us all a little more joy…

But back to what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months – it’s been a busy time and much of it very reassuring that in spite of 2016’s turmoil, we’re still interested in the day-to-day psychology of life – whether that takes celebrity or a personal form.

I now seem to have a pretty regular slot on Sky News, most weeks, and usually with the fabulous Kay Burley. I love working with her and the new ‘glass box’ studio is amazing! The topics that I cover, are always diverse and generally I don’t know until the day itself what news topic I’ll get asked to cover – or whether I am on – with my psychological hat on. Which makes planning a bit of a nightmare 😉 Recent features include Student Fresher’s Week; whether telling ‘little white lies’ is ever acceptable (it is!); how old is too old to wear jeans/have a tattoo/wear high heels etc; the nature of social media mourning; fake news on Facebook and a recent study of the relationship between male sexism and depression.  Diverse indeed…

I also presented the Sex and Relationships show on LBC. I had some brilliant guests, but trust me, presenting a live two hour phone in show, with no music to break it up – and incoming calls, texts and tweets to handle as well as keeping a careful eye on the clock for ad breaks, travel updates and news bulletins which need to be timed to the nearest second is no easy feat.  I am so glad I only provide holiday cover – I could never manage it on a weekly basis! I’m much happier being a guest for another presenter – and have talked about the pressures at Christmas and women swearing and drinking as much as men, among other topics in the last few weeks.

I have also been contributing a lot to the Daily Mail in the last couple of months – and whatever your political views on the paper, it has a wide circulation and covers women’s topics – in particular – very well. Among a number of topics, I’ve commented on how our emotions affect our driving, what kind of facial expressions we pull when we’re concentrating and how selfies are encouraging the rise in cosmetic surgery.

It’s also good to be writing for some of the women’s ‘glossies’ and work over the past few weeks has included fussy eating disorders for Elle and body confidence for Glamour. And as ever, I’ve been commenting on celebrities weekly for New! and Reveal and while much of it doesn’t involve Katie Price, there’s rarely a month when I don’t comment on her. And while her behaviour is currently a bit ‘out there’ I’ve written about her more times lately than I can remember. Always with some affection – she’s a troubled girl, but I am very fond of her.

Some of my new clients this month – always good to have those – have been Pure Beauty, Vitality magazine, Stylist, The Pool, Fabulous, Unilad, NBC and the Irish Independent – on topics varying from body confidence and New Year resolutions to sharing a credit card and dick pics! For me the oddest one was doing  a piece on Chris Coleman, ex manager of Wales, for TalkSport Radio. I know nothing about football – but it was more a psychological feature (obvs) so somehow I managed to wing it…

In early 2017, I am going to be developing my work as a Duty of Care Psychologist. Much as I enjoy appearing on TV, I really love the assessment, evaluation and contestant support that I do behind the scenes on reality TV shows. It’s hard – but fulfilling work. So, if there are any TV companies/channels reading this – please check out my new Duty of Care page on my website. Thank you!

So until January – much love.


July/August and a bit of September…

Hello lovelies

I have been very lazy abut writing this blog for the last couple of months, much of it due to being away a fair bit, including going to Nappa Valley for a fabulous – and the first I’ve been to – gay wedding! But now time for a reality check, work and weather wise…

It’s been a frantic  couple of months workwise – with much of it being done from my office by the sea, aka a sunbed 😉 I’ve been working hard on the psych evaluations for the second series of TLC’s dating show, Undressed and still love the fact that those willing to take most of their clothes off in the name of love, come in all shapes, sizes, age and sexual orientation.

As ever, I have written a fair bit for the Daily Mail, on subjects ranging from the psychology of scarring, why celebrity relationships go from 0 – 60 and back again so fast, the reality of living in the ultimate reality show, Eden and to how to get over a serious relationship when you are over 30.  And of course there were a lot of requests to discuss the break ups of the wonderfully hashtaggable #Brangelina and #Hiddleswift – including for the Daily Telegraph, Reveal and Grazia.

TV and radio has been pretty buoyant in the summer months too, with regular appearances on This Morning and Sky News. If you’re interested there are a couple of clips on my website – when I can remember to ask my web guy Johnny, to record/upload them…

More than anything, it has been a season when our thoughts turn to relationships. Sometimes, reconsidering one after a difficult summer holiday together or thinking about finding one to share the short, dark days ahead with.  Everyone seems to want to find a different angle on relationships these days, and so I have found myself writing about the increased use of psychics by women looking to find relationship answers for Grazia, the rise of ‘friendship counselling’  and anxiety issues in relationship for Glamour, why women are ‘people pleasers’ and conversely why we are so picky (different editions obvs!) for Marie Claire, our current attitudes to Tinder for Yahoo and whether polyamory is acceptable; when to announce your relationship status on Facebook and how to stop autumn hibernation in your relationship for Metro.

And if you are single and are finding the ever-more complex dating world difficult – or are in a relationship which could do with some advice – then don’t forget that as well as wibbling on about celebrities and reality TV, I also spend much of my time being a Dating Coach and a Relationship Counsellor, so just drop me a line on

Radio has been as vibrant as ever, with my weekly slot on Ireland’s iRadio, which is always good craic and regular chats on LBC, BBC London, Virgin Radio and Talk Radio. And of course my regular contributions to New! magazine, which have included my observations on Bear in Celebrity Big Brother, Billie Piper, Victoria Beckham and the celebrity without which no blog would ever be complete, the fabulous Miss Katie Price!

I’ve also managed to get my darling cat Louis into my professional life. As a cat owning psychologist, I was asked to get involved in a Purina campaign, about How People Are Better With Pets, which led to me presenting an award at The Savoy for the National Cat Awards. Who would have thought it??

That’s probably enough for now, not much looking forward to the winter-ish months, but as ever I look forward to a bit of banter with you on Twitter. It’s @TVPsychologist if you fancy a chat.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you next month.

Much love



Hello lovelies

Well, it’s certainly been an eventful few weeks – crashing out of the both the Euros and the EU, not to mention the appalling British summer we’ve been having.  It’s left feeling people a bit disconnected and bemused by life, especially the unexpected results of the referendum. But it’s happened, and like so much that distresses us in life, our only real option is to get on with it and try and find positives in any outcome.

As my followers know, I tend to dodge anything political on Twitter – the responses can get pretty shirty – and so it is in my professional life. It’s good to report that most of my media work these past couple of months, owes more to the world of entertainment than the world of politics…

It’s good to be a regular on LBC as ever, and I seem to be asked on most weeks now, discussing anything from road rage, Philip Green’s body language under verbal attack and the appalling sexual on German women during recent music festivals. I also seem to be becoming a regular on Talk Radio (I must have a face for radio!) talking about why men take steroids to pump themselves up, simple for the narcissistic ‘joy’ of posting selfies  and why we still identify with old-fashioned Superheroes. I also had a chat on BBC Radio London about have-a-go-heroes and the Bystander Effect.

I have written for the Daily Mail on toyboys, a subject they are always fascinated by, Cheryl’s ever expanding and changing tattoos and at the other end of the scale, what life might be like now that Melissa Reid, the drugs mule, has been released from prison in Peru. I’ve also written for New! on the public ugliness of the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp bust up (thankfully gone quiet now) and the curious relationship that is Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. And now I can see he is wearing an ‘I heart TS’ t-shirt while frolicking in the sea with her. I am not sure what that relationship is about or where it is going!

I especially like writing for Glamour, they always have an interesting twist on any relationship based subject. Over the past few weeks, I have written for them on the moment when we realised a relationship wouldn’t last and why it’s OK to cancel plans at the last minute.

I also wrote about Tom and Taylor’s body language for Reveal as well as the other celebrity relationship which is equally fascinating, Cheryl and Liam. Other writing work has included The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph (on the fashion ins and outs of male chest hair!), Woman’s Own and Grazia.

So, now I am off for a week’s holiday (hello SUN!) and when I am back my new dating series, Undressed starts. I have been working on it since the very beginning, so feel very attached to both the show and the contestants. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know – it’s on TLC on Friday nights at 10.00pm (yes, I know it clashes with Big Brother, will just have to watch that on catch up!) from 15th July.

Let’s hope the weather improves over the next few weeks, if you’re off on holiday anywhere,  enjoy…

Much love



Hello lovelies

Apologies for late newsletter, I have been a bit poorly for a couple of weeks, but now back to rude health!

In spite of not managing much work for a few weeks, its still been a busy time with lots of TV, radio and writing work as well as working on a new dating series, more of which later…

It was good to be back on the This Morning sofa, discussing child favouritsm and whether it is ever acceptable to favour one child over another. Not long term obviously, but I think a lot of parents prefer one child over the another, especially when their toddler is going through a difficult phase or their adolescent has become a sulky, uncommunicative rebel. I asked my two boys whether they had ever felt that I had favourited one over the other, and they both agreed they had never thought that. And that’s in spite of them being highly competitive to be No. 1 son!

TV wise, I also appeared on Sky News talking about online dating (always a popular subject!), the BBC about what drives ex reality stars to suicide and how duty of care is so important and Channel 5 News on the realities of heartbreak and why our heart actually hurts when we lose someone we love.

I am also working as the Consultant Psychologist on Good Morning Britain, assessing whether some of their guests, who have been through especially traumatic experiences, are OK to go on air. Working behind the scenes in TV can be just as fulfilling as being on it.

I have been working hard, also as the Consultant Psychologist, on a new dating show called Undressed, which has been a really fascinating experience – watching it move through concept and psych assessments to filming. It’s all look good and should be coming to a TV near you next month.

I have written a lot for the national press over the last few weeks, including four contributions for the Daily Mail on subjects as varied as ‘Does it matter if your man doesn’t tell you he loves you?’ to the 10th anniversary of the publication of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (annoying and inspirational in equal measure IMHO) and what does it say about you if you carry a bag with a picture of your loved one printed on it?

I’ve also written for the Daily Telegraph on trophy wives and polyamory, Look on micro-cheating, the Daily Star, New! and Reveal on what Cheryl and Liam’s future relationship holds as well as Vernon and Tess (twice) for New! magazine.

Radio work has included a couple of stints on LBC and Woman’s Hour – both shows two of my favourites.

So now we’re in May – plenty of work coming up and also a much-needed holiday in the middle of the month. And just as I get well, so does the weather. It’s a pleasure to see the sun shining from my office as a I write this. Enjoy!

Much love



Hello lovelies

Well, we made it through to the end of February – even with an extra day – and as I write this at nearly 5.30pm, it’s still (relatively) light outside of my office, Happy days!

It’s been a busy couple of months and interesting to see how my note-taking scrawl reflects just how much change we have been through over the past few weeks. All the way from chatting on the Sky News Breakfast sofa about the impact Christmas has on divorce rates in the first few weeks of January, through to Blue Monday, the third Monday in January for the Daily Express and how to beat those blues to coincide with the DVD release of The Martian to talking/writing about Valentine’s Day for just about everybody!

Other TV appearances included BBC Breakfast on how to deal with a big lottery win (oh, just give ME the chance!) and Good Morning Britain on age gap relationships in the light of Jerry Hall getting engaged to Rupert Murdoch. It isn’t just the age gap in that relationship, it’s the cultural gap – from rock star(s) to elderly media mogul?? Although as Piers Morgan dryly pointed out to me, there probably isn’t that much difference in age between Rupert Murdoch and Mick Jagger… My second appearance on GMB, was skilfully managed by Susannah Reid (no Piers in sight) while we talked about the treatment for phobias, in particular cake phobia. Yes, it does exist. It even has a (totally unpronounceable) name.

Lots of writing this month, I always enjoy my regular comments in New! magazine. It’s usually just a box feature on various celebrity antics, with Cheryl Cole, Jacqueline Jossa, Dan Osborne and Khloe Kardashian included over the past few weeks. I’m usually quite cautious in what I say – carefully navigating that tricky path between entertainment and professionalism. But when they asked me to comment on Gemma Collins behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house – they couldn’t shut me up and I ended up with a double page spread! I bravely tweeted the feature, expecting the usual ‘leave her alone, we love her’ trolling, but virtually no negative responses. Which just goes to show the power that CBB still has over a celeb’s popularity.

I also went to Dublin (a city that I love) for a PR job but somehow within a massive schedule of 20 interviews – press, radio and TV – most people still wanted to talk about Celebrity Big Brother, as it’s huge on TV3.

Other work included writing on reality shows and the cult of celebrity (right up my strasse!) for The Daily Telegraph, ‘Glory Parenting’ for The Daily Mail and the Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery for The Harley Medical Group.

I am also very excited to be involved in a brand new TV dating series, called ‘Undressed‘. And yes, while it does involve getting a few clothes off (not for me, you’ll be thrilled to hear) it’s more of a social experiment to fast track intimacy, strip away inhibitions (yes, yes and clothes) and see attraction in a psychological light. It’s filming in April, so I’ll keep you posted. Meawhile if any of you singles, would like to audition to take part – just let me know!

 I have also had more clients over the past few weeks than at any other time. A mixture of singles and couples counselling – both are the most rewarding areas of my job. Emotionally rather than financially 😉 And I am thrilled to be invited to a wedding later this year for a couple that I successfully coached. I’ll definitely be there and love a happy ending, especially if I have helped them get there – even though they are getting married half way around the world…

Until next month, much love



Hello lovelies

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve Eve, the sun is (almost) shining and the buds are out on the plants on the balcony outside my office. So it feels distinctly unseasonal! Tomorrow the mayhem will start – both boys back home for Christmas of course, a fridge packed full of deliciousness and a couple of birthdays to celebrate on the Big Day – mine and my older son’s, so it’s the calm before the storm…

There hasn’t been a lot of let up in work this last few weeks either. December is normally a quiet month work-wise, but it seems that it’s going right up to the wire this year. Even clients, who usually wait until January when there’s a surge of couples and singles looking for help with their relationships, are keeping me busy.

I was very excited to present two sex and relationships shows for LBC over the past few weeks – though holding a two hour show together as a presenter is definitely outside of my comfort zone 😉 Thankfully I had some great guests and a raft of callers, so it tends to speed by. But it’s a Saturday night, so as well as having to prep for it (and recover from it) on a weekend, after a long week’s work, I did miss my X Factor Sat night in!

I’ve written a fair bit over the past few weeks including my regular contributions for New! – including how Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright deal with a long distance relationship during a prolonged separation and of course a few observations on Katie Price – without which, no month would ever feel complete!  I have also written for Best magazine on how to recognise and deal with crisis points in relationships at Christmas as well as a piece on what New Year resolutions you might want to make, relationship wise – so as those crises don’t happen again next year…  I also wrote for the Sunday Times on Taylor Swift’s changing behaviour and ES Magazine on how positive affirmations can help happiness – though I know they don’t work for everyone.

I handed over my UK Dating Awards Dating Expert of the Year – slightly reluctantly, but at least it wasn’t wrestled from my hands (!) – to Susan Quilliam, a very worthy winner in my view, so well done! And it was a great evening, after all the judges hard work. The dating industry is developing in some very exciting new ways.

I gave a talk at Soho House on Dating in the Digital Age, which was really well attended, even though it was slightly disconcerting to have my 24 year old son sitting in the front row 😉 Anyway, it seems to have gone down well as I’ve been invited back next year. 

I also did an interesting pilot show for the BBC, where I got to meet Emma Bunton – who was presenting – and I have to admit that not only is she a very pretty and lovely girl, I was also more than a bit star struck! There’s also a strong chance of my co-hosting a 12 part series for ITV next year, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. And January is already shaping up well with a few PR campaigns/radio days planned – ranging from Domino’s Pizza to the Harley Medical Group. My job is nothing if not diverse!

So, until next year, I’ll just wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas and New Year.



Hello lovelies

I hope you’re adjusting to the shorter days – I can’t believe how early it gets dark now. Still, on a positive note we have to go through this process to come out on the other, brighter side!

It’s been another hectic couple of months – I think I might have to go back to writing these newsletters monthly, which I guess is a very good sign work wise 😉

I know I’ve said this before, but I really think I am blessed by how diverse my work is. Which is often unexpected and sometimes more of a challenge than I bargained for. Writing wise, I have been kept busy by my regular celebrity musings for New!, covering – amongst others – Michelle Keegan (twice) Caroline Flack and of course the fabulous Katie Price, of which no month would ever be complete… But I have also been asked to comment on why women ‘retire’ from romance for the Daily Mail, instant messaging and dating culture for Debrief, how to pull at Christmas for Forever Sports (!), whether platonic relationships can ever work for Red, Simon Cowell’s obsession with keeping his youth for Woman’s Own and why we buy expensive moisturisers/facials when we are getting over a break up for Cosmopolitan. I have also written a feature for Good Housekeeping on those aspects of our lives that troubles us when we were young, but we’ve not got over or even made a virtue of – mine is being short. Hated it when I was younger, but I am now more practised at rocking a stiletto or platform (or both!) than most of my friends.

Perhaps the oddest – and one of the most interesting – was contrasting the speech that Alex Salmond would have made had he won with the one he actually made as he lost for the Scottish Daily Mail.

I am also in the middle of judging a number of categories for this year’s UK Dating Awards. Having won Dating Expert of the Year, in their first year, in 2014, I have to be prepared to give my ‘crown’ away to someone else – a curious process as part of me wants to keep it while another part wants to give it only to the best!

TV wise I seem to have sat on every breakfast sofa going over the past few weeks.  And these were no less diverse. I talked to Eamonn Holmes on Sky Sunrise about how it’s the little things matter in life (and no, I don’t think he was referring to my height!) and Susannah Reid about workplace stress still being a major issue on the Good Morning Britain sofa. Certainly the most touching (and my first visit to Media City) was discussing how bereaved families cope when they have a loved one who has died in military service for BBC Breakfast. I met a truly inspiring mum, who had lost her son, and her incredibly brave and lovely daughter who lost her brother when she was just five. And then just when I was recovering form another early start, I was invited onto C5 News on the same day to talk about how we introduce ourselves to strangers and whether we should hug them. Er, no is my view – why make someone feel unnecessarily uncomfortable, but of course I was pitched against someone who hugs EVERYONE!

Radio has also been busy with chats to Nick Ferrari on LBC about whether we should let kids bait each other with sexist language in the playground and Radio 5 Live about Helen Mirren’s bizarre comment that when a man outs his arm around you, it signifies ownership. No, it signifies affection… And talking of LBC, I am very excited (and pretty nervous!) to be presenting my first show on relationships and sex on Saturday November 7th. If you’re around (and not watching X Factor!) tune in or better, call in from 8.00 until 10.00pm. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve had some great PR jobs these past few weeks too – everything from Facing Your Fears for Go Sky Dive, to Plusnet on their #loveyouback campaign as well as Nestle’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and what your fizz popping style says about you for Shloer. I’m an avoidant popper, if I can’t get someone else to do it for me, I’ll twist the bottle myself and make a little screech as the cork pops…

After all this, I am off for just a few days sunshine in my beloved Fethiye – out Halloween and back Bonfire Night. So I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next month.

Much love



Hello lovelies

Here I am sitting in my office on the hottest day of the year – for many years if the news is anything to go by – with fingers sliding off the keyboard, thinking how much we long for the hot weather and then find it so difficult to deal with it when we get it! I guess that’s a British thing…

My work pattern seems to change as rapidly as our seasons. It used to be that Jan, Feb and March were the really busy months, while the summer meant things would quieten down. Not so this year – especially PR wise. There are a fair few campaigns needing some psychological advice at the moment – anything from dealing with adult acne to the well being properties of cod liver oil!

And celebrities being celebrities, summer sees an upsurge in naughty behaviour. I have written for New magazine on Kate Moss being unruly on her flight back from Turkey and those boys from TOWIE behaving badly in Marbs. And Essex. I love my weekly comments for them, other topics over the last few weeks have included why Kym Marsh has been engaged three times but never makes it up the aisle and of course no month would be complete without writing about Katie Price, this time on her attitude to aging. Go girl, I say – do whatever makes you feel good.

TV wise, it’s been a busy time too. I’ve been on Good Morning Britain talking about the difference between male and female drivers and Channel Five News on the emotional impact of using emojis in social media and on our texts and what the colour red says about us.

I love doing a bit of radio and it’s always a pleasure to be on LBC. I have been interviewed a number of times in the last month or so. The topics have varied from our indecision regarding the election to why we react so dramatically to age gap relationships, based on the grief Duncan Bannatyne got recently. And also on BBC London – again diverse topics ranging from why we take photos of accidents and incidents to how much we expect men to tip on a date. Diverse indeed…

I’ve also written for Woman’s Own on why Amal Clooney has become so thin, the Daily Mail on body image and why some women won’t let their husbands see them without any make up, the Sunday Mirror on how to help your children cope when a parent is doing a job that takes them away from home for long periods of time, The Sun on Johnny Wilkinson’s obsessive exercise regime, Grazia on why some women never experience an orgasm and Psychologies magazine on working your way through the tough patches that all relationships go through. Phew – never a dull moment!

So of course, as I am about to go on holiday for a week, the weather in the UK hots up and work seems to becoming busier than ever. Not expecting you to feel sorry for me of course, but that iPad/phone is never far from my side wherever I am in the world, so unless you subsrcibne to this newlsetter, you might never know that I was away at all 😉

And, er, not the slightest bit miffed that I booked my holiday while Big Brother is still on (so no BBBOTS for me!). Hmmm – keep me in touch on Twitter won’t you?

Until next month, have a wonderful steamy July!


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Hello lovelies

While I write this, I am looking out of my office window onto the dreariest day ever – typical of the run up to the August Bank Holiday weekend. I am lucky enough to be escaping to my beloved Fethiye for a few days on Friday, which I managed to time brilliantly (not) with the start of Celebrity Big Brother – so I may have to give it a miss this time around, as least far as observing the housemates’ antics from the CBBBOTS sofa.

Unusually for July and August, traditionally quieter months of the year, I have been inundated with work for the past few weeks. Unexpected but welcome, especially as I haven’t missed much sunshine.

TV wise, I have had my regular slots on C5 News, with topics varying from why people feel the need to film and record and every event they go to these days to the fall out from the Ashley Madison hacking. That was an interesting day, not since Gwynnie’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ from Chris Martin, have I rushed around the TV channels quite so much. In addition to Channel Five, I also covered it for Sky News and Channel 4.  Lots of radio the past few weeks too, ranging from discussing whether it’s a good idea to Google our symptoms on BBC Radio London to doing a phone on anti-depressants on LBC with Nick Ferrari.

The summer months tend to be a bit quiet coaching wise – the peak months for both singles and couples are September (post summer-holidays) and January (post-Christmas) – but I have been doing a lot of what I really enjoy this month, writing for magazines and newspapers.  It’s always so varied – and often unexpected – that the challenge never fails to keep me on my toes.

I always love doing my regular celebrity observations for New! magazine and over the past few weeks I have written for them about a number of celebrities, including Cheryl Cole (twice) and of course the fabulous Katie Price, without which no month would seem complete 😉

I have also written for The Sun on Sunday about what the Labour leadership candidates body language reveals about their leadership qualities, The Sun on why people would pay money to be trolled on social media (yes, it’s actually a ‘thing’) Marie Claire on the future of sex and genetic dating and The Telegraph Wonder Women column on ghosting. Which if you didn’t know it, is when you’re dating someone and they suddenly disappear without any explanation. It can be a distressing experience and one which is clearly on the rise, as I also wrote about it for Grazia.

It’s reassuring to be invited back to write for magazines and papers a number of times over a couple of weeks, so I also wrote for Grazia on anorgasmia (women who can’t have an orgasm…), Woman’s Own on how Carol Vorderman has changed over the years and what to do if you find yourself unexpectedly single and twice for Metro, once on the suggestion that prostitution should be decriminalised due to men’s high sex drives (!) and the other on the sending of ‘Dick pics’, another one of those dating phenomena, also on the, er, rise…

Other than that, it’s also been a busy time for PR work, with jobs ranging for conducting a scientific experiment on whether our attraction levels drop in response to bad driving for the Institute of Advanced Motoring and how we judge our dates on what they choose to eat in a restaurant for TGI Friday’s.

Oh and I have also filmed a documentary for Channel 4. I’m not allowed to say much about it at the moment, but it was TOTALLY not what I was expecting and I can honestly say that I have never done TV like it in my life! It’s not due to be broadcast for a few months, so I’ll leave you with that thought for now…

I need a holiday 😉 Enjoy the rest of the month, and I’ll see you in September.

Much love


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