The Dating Game

The Dating Game By Jo Hemmings


Recent statistics reveal that there are more single people than ever before in the UK. Some have not yet married; others are divorced or separated. People’s needs and wants differ, but financial independence means that these have shifted radically during the last few decades of the 20th century. Technology such as e-mail, mobile phones, text- and picture-messaging, and speed dating and Internet dating sites have radically changed meeting, dating and matching patterns. In the 21st century, relationships are big business, with a plethora of TV shows dedicated to matching people and self-help books claiming to show you how to capture and keep a partner.

The Dating Game tells you how it is: the pleasures, pitfalls and fun of dating for dating’s sake without the jargon or too-serious advice on how to drag your man up the aisle in the fastest possible time. This book tackles the following dilemmas, plus many more: to flirt or not to flirt? When is showing an interest looking too obvious – or worse, desperate? How do you dress on a date? Where do you go and what do you talk about? It also delves into the minefield that is sex, with all its expectations and confusions.